About Us

Nnedre is a clothing brand from Saint-Petersburg making basic wardrobe for every day.

The countdown begins in 2013, since then NNedre has grown from a 12-square-meter studio to the main Russian sustainable brand, and the brand’s range has increased from several female models to a full-range line for women, men and children meeting the requirements of modern comfort.

NNedre pays special attention to environmentally friendly and conscious attitude to life. As a manufacturer, we check if our pieces do not harm the planet at every stage – from the start of production to the end of its life cycle.

The brand is actively engaged in the development of social and educational projects:

– openness of the brand to cooperation with designers, artists, scientists and eco-activists;

– collections created in collaboration with teens;

– handing fabric cut-out and salling stock materials to those who implement them in own crafts &       handmade projects.

Now NNedre is:

– production based in a space of 200 square meters in the center of St. Petersburg;

– two flagship stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg;

– online store www.nnedre.com ;

– NNedre clothes can be bought in 7 cities of Russia and Belarus in 12 partner stores.

People who choose NNEDRE are the ones who live in a modern rhythm, travel a lot and consciously choose their wardrobe.