About Us

NNedre is the brand based in Saint Petersburg, which creates and produces basic clothes. At the moment, we have four basic knitwear collections and the same limited lines per year.

Nelli Nedre, our founder and head designer, had the first thoughts about her own business in 2011, while had been working on her university project.

Two years passed and our story started - in 2013, in a 12 square meters room with only a few items range.  Today our studio and production occupy 200 square meters studio in the heart of St. Petersburg.

We’re constantly developing and growing, but the brand basic philosophy remains the same. The most important things are comfort and functionality in each item. They are easy to fit in any wardrobe and style. Our items are universal – you can easily pair the same dress with a classic flat shoes or sneakers.

Here’re some stages of our growth.

Fall 2015 was a colorful period. We launched a limited collection of shirts inspired by the Munch paintings palette and made of 100% Italian cotton. At the same time a high quality costume cotton line was launched.

In the summer of 2015 we launched a men's line. This is a universal uniform consisting of basic shapes. Particular attention is paid on materials and items construction.

In 2016 the range has expanded considerably. Flowing rayon and jersey were added to basic cotton. These garments are practical and easy to care. So now we have more strict and feminine items that are still comfortable to use.