07 June, 2017

Maksim Maksimov is a talented designer, a brand founder of ASKETIK, an old friend of Nnedre and our chief designer Nelly Nnedre. Maksim has a large experience in the design of interior and objects in it. He creates beautiful minimalistic and smart objects which can and should be used to create an order in one’s own space. 

Maksim combined all of these skills into his own project. The brans slogan is “ASKETIK – minimum for maximum”. That’s why when Nelly decided to create and open her own store Nnedre in St. Petersburg. She invited Maksim to collaborate on this project as an interior designer. 

We took a brief interview with Maksim about how it was, by what he was guided during visualizing the project and his subtle attitude to the design and to the clothes as well.

Maksim tell as what did you inspire during creating a project for our store? As I know, this was your first project of this kind.

I’m always interested in creating a whole space, from an interior to a hanger. And I’m grateful for this opportunity and trust. Nnedre is a basic things with thoughtful details. It was logical to reflect the philosophy of the brand in the interior. So the white wall served as the base, and the designed equipment filled the space with details.

Tell us about ASKETIK. What is the main message? How do you see the future development?

ASKETIK is a collection of objects in one style that creates a simple and harmonious reality. The collection is step by step replenished with the most necessary and durable things for home.





Let’s talk about clothes a little. How do you make your wardrobe? What’s your favourite Nnedre thing?

In clothes, I appreciate the naturalness and simplicity of form. The jacket nnedre is universal thing with which we are together for two years. For me, this is sample of the balance of functional and beautiful clothes.

Are there any plans for the future, maybe joint projects?

There are a lot of joint projects in the future. And very soon we’ll run something homely in ASKETIK.

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10 May, 2017
NNedre x Arny Praht
NNedre x Arny Praht

In may, a long-awaited collection of accessories Nnedre&Arny Pratt will come out. Cooperation of these brands became quite logical the availability of the production in st. Petersburg and a similar price segment unite the founders of these brands Nelly Nnedre and Vlad Praht.

Vlad showed samples of materials, one of which became the basis of the future collection - two-color eco-leather. Nelly painted the sketches of the collection, which included four models:

  • One of them - an indispensable belt bag called Dumpi (short for Dumpling)
  • A bag-folder Biz for documents and trifles, which perfectly fits with any other bag.
  • A backpack Obi perhaps, is the most beloved model of designers. It turned out as neat and minimalistic as possible that completely reflects the style of NNedre.
  • The final model is a small bag Toffy for easy walks and dates.

The process of creation was quick and productive. Exclusively professionals works In Any Praht’s team and thanks to that , the samples were worked out in just a few weeks. #After approving all the models, the Nnedre’s team began shooting the cookbook and Army Praht launched the line in production.

We decided to pay attention on the basic models, combining in one collection the most convenient and practical bags. For the beginning, the model will appear only in black and red and gray-silver colors, but in the near future it is planned to expand the color palette.

One of the goals of the project is to show to young designers and brands that working together is not only the creation of a new and high-quality product, but also the exchange of valuable experience and knowledge.

On May 13 the entire collection will appear in the stores Arny Praht and NNedre, as well as on the site www.nnnedre.com.

On the same day in the NNedre shop at Baskovoy per. On February 29, a presentation will take place at which guests will get acquainted and purchase products from the new collection of NNedre & Arny Praht with a glass of champagne.


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05 May, 2017

​​​The last couple of years the designer Nelly Nedre often lectures in various educational institutions (Be-in open, Star-up Women, Fashion Factory school). In addition, the creator of the NNedre brand gives private consultations to young designers, telling about her experience in the field of fashion and helping to think about the business strategy of the young clothing brand.

Since the transfer of the showroom apart from production at Baskov Lane 29, in the working space of NNedre (area 200m2) there was a free room, which the chief designer had thought of reorganizing into the training center.

Last winter we began the formation of a course called BFK by NNedre (Basic Fashion Knowledge by NNedre). In the course of the work, we also got acquainted with the "St. Petersburg Parents" foundation, which helps children from orphanages, including the professional orientation among adolescents.

In April we started with a simple lecture course for teenagers and excursions to the NNedre production. Thus, we tell that any profession in the field of clothing design is quite affordable if you have appetency and perseverance. Part of the funds from the educational course BFK by NNedre will be spent for organizing the educational space so that after the May holidays the children could not only listen to lectures, but also apply knowledge to practice and try to sew something under the supervision of our employees. Now we have a large number of orphanages and young guys who want to try their hands at the profession of designer, it makes us happy because we know how much joy it brings to them.

In the future, we want to develop the idea of an educational course more professionally. Nelly plans to write a scientific paper on the development of light industry and education of young specialists in this field. And our charity course finds feedback among friends from other spheres of activity who also want to launch such practical lessons for teenagers from orphanages.

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21 April, 2017
NNedre x AnnaNova x Rostan Tavasiev
NNedre x AnnaNova x Rostan Tavasiev

"Drop of Creatine" is a TV series, based on the filmstrip principle. Why did you choose such an unusual format?

Filmstrip is a simple and effective way to convey information to the viewer. First of all, I wrote a script for the game series and gave it to friend of mine, a professional producer. He liked the script and he sent the script to the studios shooting the series. HBO, NBC, CBS, Sony Sci-Fi: from one of the studios, he even managed to get the answer - "We do not shoot series about artists, because a mass audience can not project themselves with the artist.» He can with a lame doctor, a drug addict, a policeman, a housewife, but with an artist he can not. When I realized that on TV, we will never see a fantastic series about art, I thought that the Internet is better than a TV set and everything can be done by myself. And so the filmstrip turned out. It seems to me, the aesthetics of the filmstrip adds a pleasant retro-flavor of fantastic history, making her emotionally convincing. If this word is suitable for fiction – absolute fantasy. And my series can not visually become obsolete, because even now it looks old.

And another nice feature of working on the filmstrip is independence. You can do everything from the beginning to the end. It seems that such technologies will rule the future.

The protagonist of the series is an artist without a name, who travels through the most diverse corners of the fictional universe. And what place on our planet inspires you the most?

The 56th kilometer of the Yaroslavl Railway.

A creative crisis is one of the important themes of the series. Do you have your own recipe for overcoming it?

Maybe it looked like that to you. Without A Name has a personal crisis from which he comes out through creativity. About the creative crisis, I, unfortunately, do not know anything. And I can not give a recipe for a way out of it.

Probably, I can only assume - if you have a creative crisis, you have to give up creativity or change the form of creativity.

Will there be the second season of "Drop of Creatine"? What can we expect from it?

Thank you so much! This is the most desired question that could be heard. So, it's interesting for you to see the sequel. The second season is possible. The main topic has been invented. If it will be interesting for other people, except you - maybe I will make a sequel. But it's nice to be aware of freedom from obligations. I'm interested in making the second season, but I'm free to decide what to do depending on the situation. If HBO bought the script, then I could not reason like that. You signed up, so do it. I'm even happy that I did not fall into this trap.

And you can expect anything from the second season. Freedom creates unlimited possibilities for imagination. About this, incidentally, the series itself.


Do you have a NNedre sweatshirt with the heroes of the series (If so, with whom)?

Yes there is. With the curator. With Rehvnihom.

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22 March, 2017

Sergey Medvedev , one of our regular customer and a good friend of the brand NNedre, is the director of the physical theater PG PROJECT and the director of the dance space "REZIDENCIA"

Sergey, how does your day begin?

My day begins with coffee and rehearsals. I am the one who spend time at work 24/7, but what I do is a real pleasure. We put on performances, we have our own dance space, we conduct courses and master classes in teaching choreography, we have our own festivals, a children's camp and a charitable project.

Why did you start to wear our clothes?

or me, #nnedremen is something that fits perfectly with my daily life. I am pleased to wear these clothes, it is nice to look at myself in the mirror, it is nice to walk in it along the street. I believe that this is the ideal choice for a creative person.

Why is it important for you to support local brands and communities?

I believe that if a person has a clear understanding of what he wants (from himself, from life, from people), he will do everything by himself. Every day there is more and more new: clothes, movies, performances, etc., and I am for the quality of the product! Young projects should always be supported to help people not to stop at the achieved goals and not to crock yourself under the influence of criticism. Surround yourself with only nice people, be proud of what you do and for those who do it with you.

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19 March, 2017

A short animated cartoon about why our chief designer Nelly Nedre decided to create a children's eco-line #nnedrekids and how to make the world a better place!

Special thanks to everyone who took part in the creation of the cartoon:

Director / Lisa Chernobay
Illustrator / Oia Gus
Animator / Ashot Mefodin
Voice / Nelly Nedre
Audio design / Three house music, thanks to the school of electronic music Tramplin

Enjoy watching:


#nnedrekids from NNedre on Vimeo.


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10 March, 2017

The brand NNedre has existed for more than 3 years.

The main focus of the brand is personal production, so the whole cycle of production can be controlled from start to finish.

Chief designer Nelly is very sensitive to her work, therefore it was not by chance that the NNedre team is a well-organized and warm female team. The creative department of the brand decided to tell what kind of people are behind the creation of clothes NNedre, what a stunning women create this product before it gets to its customers.

Some of them came to the team at a very young age and grew up from a seamstress to a foreman, someone already had 15 years of experience and created the most complex products of the brand.

Each of these women makes an indispensable contribution to the history of the brand, and you can not just note to talk about them and not to tell them many thanks!

Special thanks for the shooting to Victoria Nazarova.


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01 November, 2016
NNedre store
NNedre store

The 8th October in St. Petersburg our first flagship store NNedre opened at Baskov lane 29. This was a great leap and step for our team and a serious contribution to the development of our brand.

The project of the store from the furniture to the interior details was made by our friend and talented promdesigner Maxim Maximov.


The whole range of our brand is presented in NNedre store, as well as accessories from Russian designers and shoes from Vagabond and Afour.

Thanks a lot to all our team, we are extremely happy with the result!

In our immediate plans, the opening of the men's room, the completion of the men's line, as well a is the new children's line NNedre kids are already in the process.

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04 May, 2016
NNedre studio
NNedre studio

It is a time to show you everybody how our production works, from inside. We have been worked a lot and now our NNedre studio working space of NNedre studio takes 200 square meters. And this is not the limit!

We made a video about our production works our production, who and how works on NNedre clothes and how we create each item.

Now you can feel watch our working process and plunge into the NNedre studio world. By the way in the end of May our head designer Nelli Nedre will share her experience on Be-in open forum and tell how to build your own success production.

You can by tickets here http://open.be-in.ru, forum will be held on 21-22th of May. Hurry up!



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15 April, 2016
So we’re 2 years old now!
So we’re 2 years old now!

This month we’re celebrating our second anniversary!  It wasn’t an easy way and we were able to grow so fast only thanks to our closest friends assistance and support.

This date is a good chance to tell you our story - about our team, about how it all began and about what is waiting us in the future.



So let us introduce you our friends, shooted by Tim Sergeev - our indispensable photographer:

Ksenia – our friend who launched bags’ collaboration collection with us this summer

Sasha – skillful fingers guy who did the whole studio repair

Alena – our head manager and Nelli’s right hand

Natasha - Noble_v visage studio founder and our lead makeup master

Sonya – our stylist

Tim – our photographer and the main man in our team

Anna – our good friend and our neighbor in the NNedre&friends space

Mariana – our brand face

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